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There has been an increased emphasis on implementing work from home culture, especially among millennials. The way we work is changing and pandemics like the COVID-19 is accelerating that trend. Companies have to adapt and adapt quickly. The healthcare HR faces the dilemma of ensuring adequate resource allocation and also maintaining the remote working fine balance at the same time. In this webinar we seek to address the challenges from an HR standpoint and solutions that can be adopted to turn the situation into opportunities.



Helene Gaubert

Helene Gaubert is a Human Resources Professional with 8 years of experience and is currently working as the Group Recruitment Manager for Saudi German Hospitals Group, overseeing the recruitment for 6 hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Helene started her career in London, recruiting Physicians and Nurses for a portfolio of healthcare clients in the Middle East before relocating to Dubai in 2015 to further continue her career. Prior to working at Saudi German Hospitals Group, she led the recruitment for King’s College Hospital London UAE which opened 2 clinics and 1 hospital under the branding of their flagship London hospital. Helene is currently working towards certification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and expects to complete that within the coming months.